The Bay Area Circle for Teachers (BACT) endeavors to support teachers learning, enhancing and sharing content knowledge and instructional practices that bring such rich mathematical exploration into our schools. Currently we facilitate two workshops, a day-long winter workshop and a week long summer workshop that gives teachers experience with and resources from some of the wealth of math circle lessons currently being led in many math circles both local and national. We are continually looking to understand teacher's needs, to facilitate their interaction with research and applied mathematicians, and to support their development as math educators.
Imagine a math classroom where students willingly engage on collaborative exploration and problem-solving of rigorous mathematical concepts. Now imagine that students broaden their understanding of what mathematics is, and while doing so develop problem-solving strategies that may be applied in any area of mathematical challenge. Imagine mathematics instruction that is in its nature engaging and often fun and students participate of their own free will.

A good math circle lesson does just this. It involves exploring mathematical concepts or problems in such a way that most students can engage and be challenged yet which have no ceiling to where this exploration takes them. It respects and extends student thinking. It provides them with models and approaches to develop their own observations. It promotes the role of student to that of budding mathematician capable of investigation and expression of critical thinking. And while doing so, it exposes students to the variety, complexity, and perhaps beauty of mathematics itself.
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Saturday - January 26, 2013

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The Winter workshop supports teachers in their development of problem solving skills as well as sharing with them information about upcoming mathematical opportunities for students and teachers. This will be a great opportunity for teachers new to the Math Circle program as well as experienced Math Circle teachers.

Bay Area Circle for Teachers Winter Workshop Schedule: 9:00 am to 4pm

9:00- 9:15am Welcome and Introduction
9:15- 10:30am Henri Picciotto and Function Diagrams
10:45- 11:15am CM² Round Table Session 1:
Servando Pineda, Random Walk on Polytopes.
Alyssa Palfreyman, Matrices and Marshmallows.
Jessica Delgado, Math Circle Lesson Bowling Pin Puzzle.
11:15- 11:45 am Discussion of BACT Opportunities **
11:45am - 12:45 pm Lunch Break
12:45-1:15pm (CM)² Student Round Table Session 2:
Steven Collazos, An Approach to Introducing Ehrhart Theory in High-School Algebra.
Cecilia Coca Chavez, Normal Distribution.
Tahir Anjum, Colors and Numbers.
1:20-1:50pm (CM)² Student Round Table Session 3:
Brian Cruz, Tactile Exploration of Supercoiling.
Jack Love, The Mapping Object.
2:00- 4:00 pm Concurrent Session
Josh Zucker, Julia Robinson Math Festival Training Beginners Group,
Building Resources and Repertoire: Bringing Math Circle Lessons into the Classroom. Sage Moore, facilitator.
* Lunch and coffee breaks will be provided by the BACT.
Please Register so that we order enough.

** Information of upcoming Mathematical Exploration Opportunities for Teachers and Students including the Julia Robinson Festival, the Bay Area Mathematics Olympiad (BAMO), BACT Summer Workshop and much more! Enjoy Math Circle lessons taught by some of the Bay’s top mathematicians. Curious about what a Math Circle is? Join us to experience it first hand.


Information of upcoming Mathematical Exploration Opportunities for Teachers ...

Information of upcoming Mathematical Exploration Opportunities for Students ...

(CM)² Student Poster Session

Location: 472 Water Street, Jack London Square, Oakland CA


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